There is an egg in Pitter Patter Pond that won’t hatch like all the others. Quite the catastrophe! Pisca the little duck can’t figure out what’s wrong by himself, he needs your help! Through a combination of clowning, play and light hearted music, Pisca and his new found duckling friends will discover a world full of creativity. Join Pisca on an immersive musical journey into the magical Cloud Kingdom.

Suitable for ages 10 and under.

Bonus: Children are invited to a mask-making workshop with Pisca before the show, then wear the masks during the show. Held in the same room at 10am, both Sat and Sun. Free with a ticket purchase. Duration 30 minutes.


Cumberland Lorne, Angahook room


Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 October



Out by:

11:45am approx.


  • $26
  • $21 for FOPA Friends
  • $15 for kids under 16