Featuring a tasting plate of performances suitable for children… that adults will love!

Creatures of the Deep

Creatures of the Deep FOPA 2019

This show won Best Cabaret at the 2018 Melbourne Fringe Festival. The show is a family-friendly documentary style cabaret set under the sea. With the help of our Jacques Cousteau-esque narrator you will be taken on a journey beneath the surface to meet a plethora of beautiful, wild sea creatures who are given a voice to share their unique perspective beneath the waves.

Lorne Kids Performing Arts Group

Lorne represents! Around a dozen talented children from the Lorne Kids Performing Arts Group will showcase their vocal talents.

Finnigan August

Finnigan August

You won’t believe sensational young surf coast up-and-comer Finnigan August picked up the guitar only two years ago. A trained flamenco & classical guitarist, he has a melting pot of styles, from advanced rhythmic finger style picking, guitar tapping, and stomp box drumming.

Imogen Spendlove

FOPA 2019 Imogen Spendlove

Imogen is a Melbourne based artist and singer/ songwriter known for her unstoppable vocals and ability to take on any genre. She has attracted over 7.5 million hits and 8000 subscribers on YouTube. A veteran of the Victorian State School Spectacular, Imogen produced her sell out season at the 2016 Melbourne Cabaret Festival to great critical acclaim.


FOPA 2019 Pisca

Through clowning, play and light hearted music, Pisca will discover a world full of creativity. Join Pisca on an immersive musical journey into the magical Cloud Kingdom.

Zachary Mark

Zachary Mark

From singing covers at school to producing and rapping original songs, Zachary Mark has been performing since he was old enough to hold a mic. He is a young artist hailing from the Gold Coast, with his career fuelled by his thriving passion for all music. His style features state-of-the-art electronic music technology.

Suitable for all ages.


Cumberland Resort, Won Wondah Room


Friday 4 October



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  • $30 for adults
  • $20 for children aged under 16
  • $25 for FOPA Friends