Creatures of the Deep is a family-friendly documentary style cabaret, featuring fun-filling original songs, costumes and story-telling. With the help of Jacques Cousteau you will be taken on a journey beneath the surface to meet a plethora of beautiful, wild sea creatures who are given a voice to share their unique perspective beneath the waves. This show won Best Cabaret at the 2018 Melbourne Fringe Festival.

Suitable for all ages.

Company bio

Picked Last For Sport is a new production company, co-founded by Ryan Smith and Sarah Wall, that aims to create environmentally sustainable and educational theatre and film.


After the show, the cast members will hold a drama workshop full of fun games and activities where kids can also get a close up look at all the show props and costumes. Free with a ticket purchase. The workshop will go for 30 minutes.


Cumberland Lorne, Won Wondah room


Friday 4 and Saturday 5 October



Out by:

6:50pm approx.


  • $26 for adults
  • $15 for kids under 16
  • $21 for FOPA Friends