John Farnham is one of Australia’s most skilled, successful and adored male singers of all time. Stephen Valeri … is definitely not. But he’s here to convince you that he and Farnsey share a spiritual connection AND cram as many bangers as possible into one hour. ‘Take The Pressure Down’ with this loving tribute to our Whispering Jack – THE VOICE!

If you’re a Farnsey Fanatic like Stephen, get ready for a night of unforgettable music, stories and laughs in an epic celebration of the greatest voice our country has ever produced. If you cringe at the opening chords of ‘You’re The Voice’, probably best to sit this one out.

“What an entertainer. What a sense of comic timing. What a romp – a jam-packed, fun- filled hour of entertainment with big audience appeal” – The Blurb

Keep the night going: Lorne Central will be rocking after the show with the FOPA Piano Bar!


Lorne Hotel, View Room


Friday 4 October



Out by:

9:30pm approx.


  • $26 for adults
  • $21 for FOPA Friends