As a multi-arts festival, Lorne FOPA applauds cross-disciplinary dexterity. What is that we hear you ask? Well, let us be frank, it is the innate artistic ability to excel across any number of art forms from music to theatre, comedy and beyond. In 2016, we were pleased to welcome Miles O’Neil and Elana Stone as our FOPA Features. Traversing the many forms of artistic excellence, both Miles and Elana are exceptional performers, creators and entertainers at the top of their game.

Renowned for holding down the piano accordion cornerstone of All Our Exes Live in Texas, Sydneysider Elana Stone has been an award-winning star of the international jazz world, an indie-pop electro sweetheart in the Elana Stone Band and The Rescue Ships, and a key feature in all manner of musical theatre and comedy spectaculars including the worldwide smash Tripod and the Dragon. She’s the little engine that could with a voice that will quite literally tear your heart out.

Hailing from the Surf Coast, Miles O’Neil takes the mantle as our very own Torquay Troubadour. Renowned for his work with junkyard theatre larrikins The Suitcase Royale, Miles is also one half of Miles & Simone, not to mention a stunning solo singer-songwriter in his own right. He is a comedic wizard and was most recently seen on Foxtel’s Open Slather as one of the stand-out members of the next wave ensemble, both writing and performing.



All Our Exes Live in Texas
Hooting & Howling
The Suitcase Royale
Miles & Simone
FOPA Gala – Opening Night
FOPA Gala – Saturday Night